A Catch-and-Release Nano-based Gene Delivery System
Christoph Franck, Andrea Bistrović-Popov, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Rachel E. Hewitt, Luise Fanslau, Puneet Tyagi and Ljiljana Fruk
Nanoscale Horizons 2023
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Activity-enhanced DNAzyme for Design of Label-free Copper (II) Biosensor
William Etheridge, Frederic Brossard, Sitan Zheng, Svenja Moench, Suraj Pavagada, Roisin M. Owens, Ljiljana Fruk
Nanoscale 2023
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Natural DNA Biopolymer Synaptic Emulator for Neuromorphic Computing
Yeah-Cheng Lin, Tzu-Hsin Hsiao, Yi-Ting Li, Lin-Di Huang, Ljiljana Fruk, Yu-Chueh Hung
Organic Electronics 2023
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Distributed Interfacing by Nanoscale Photodiodes Enables Single-neuron Light Activation and Sensory Enhancement in 3D Spinal Explants
A. Thalhammer, M. Fontanini, J. Shi, D. Scaini, L. Recupero, A. Evtushenko, Y.Fu, S. Pavagada, A. Bistrovic-Popov, B.Tian, Lj. Fruk, and L. Ballerini
Science Advances 2022
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Future of Early Detection of Cancer
A. C. Antoniou, Lj. Fruk, N. Rosenfeld, R. C. Fitzgerald
Nature Medicine 2022
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Size-tunaeble and immunocompatible polymer nanocarriers for drug delivery in pancreatic cancer
A. Bistrovic-Popov, F. Melle, E. Linnane, C. Gonzalez-Lopez, I. Ahmed, B. Parshad, C. O. Franck, H. Rahmoune, F. M. Richards, D. Munoz-Espin, D. I. Jodrell, D. Fairen-Jimenez, Lj. Fruk
Nanoscale 2022
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Tuning Riboflavin Derivatives for Photodynamic Inactivation of Pathogens
L. Crocker, J-H. Lee, S. Mital, G. Mills, S. Schack, A. Bistrović-Popov, C. Franck, I. Mela, C. Kaminski, G. Christie, Lj. Fruk,
Scientific Reports 2022
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Kinetics and mechanism of in situ metallization of bulk DNA films
Z-H. Shi, F-M Hsu, B. W. Mansel, H-L.Chen, Lj. Fruk, W-T Chuang, Y-C. Hung
Nanoscale Research Letters 2022
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Biofunctionalised bacterial cellulose scaffold supports the patterning and expansion of human embryonic stem cell-derived dopaminergic progenitor cells
M. Robbins, V. Pisupati, R. Azzarelli, S. I. Nehme, R. A. Baker, Lj. Fruk, G. S. Kaminski Shierle,
Stem Cell Research and Therapy 2021
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Green, scalable, low cost and reproducible flow synthesis of biocompatible PEG-functionalised iron oxide nanoparticles
J. Mahin, C. O. Franck, L. Fanslau, H. K. Patra, M. D. Mantel, Lj. Fruk, L. T. Murciano,
Reaction Chemistry and Engineering 2021
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